Launched in March 2016, the International Development Journal is an online destination for development-related articles. Our mission is to create a respected and high quality platform with a sole focus on development, enriching people’s lives with articles that serve to inform and expose global issues. 

We exist to inform the world about more than breaking news. IDJ aims to expose society to important issues and events that many individuals may be sheltered from. We achieve this by recruiting talented writers from all corners of the world, each from a development background. 

We emphasise development and a passion for research and writing. Readers should use IDJ to learn something new and understand our increasingly globalised world.

The International Development Journal is a place for you to engage with what is going on in the world – a place to inform you, entertain you or even shock you. Writing is a vital tool to convey ideas and opinions and it has the potential to change people’s minds about a topic or at least make them think.  

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Contributions are welcome from a range of disciplines. We aim to publish articles from a variety of regions and look for input on issues ranging from sustainable development to human rights. Check out our growing team of contributors.

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