Compete in the Sustainergies Cup 2017

Are you currently a student, passionate about sustainable development and looking for a chance to be creative and innovative by showcasing your own solution? If you answered yes to these three questions, then you should consider entering the Sustainergies Cup 2017.

The Sustainergies Cup 2017 is an opportunity for students to “be creative” and apply their skills on “three critical sustainability challenges from organizations who want your input to become even more sustainable.” University students all over the globe are able to participate regardless of what they are studying or at what level of their studies they are currently at. They can choose to participate, either individually or as part of a team, in just one of the three categories or in all three with each case winner being awarded a prize of 25,000 SEK equivalent to 2,500 euros.

The first challenge is sponsored by Atlas Copco who are looking for students to explore how the company’s “product portfolio can be applied to manage the use of limited resources in a city of your choice.” Using Atlas Copco’s philosophy of “there is always a better way” students need to identify one key issue of sustainability related to cities, suggest a potential solution and then connect it to the product(s) offered by Atlas Copco in order to empower life in the sustainable city.

The Swedish Energy Agency is the sponsor of the second category and challenge. Looking to build Sweden’s energy future, the Agency has already created four potential solutions for the Swedish energy system. The scenarios are each named after musical expressions: Forte, Legato, Espressivo and Vivace. They are now calling on students to use their imagination, knowledge and creativity in order to develop new solutions that can help enable the energy system of the future. The solution could be in the form of a new technical solution, a communicative technique, a new or modified business model or even a new product or service which helps encourage behavioural change.

Skandia Fastigheter is one of Sweden’s largest property developers and owners and is the sponsor of the third and final category and challenge. The company believes that sustainable growth is not only a responsibility but also a pre-requisite for long-term success. They are calling for students to develop ways in Skandia Fastigheter can use circular way of thinking in its office buildings. They are looking to maintain an attractive and healthy work environment that also makes full use of its resource potential. Students can look to change or develop Skandia’s products, services and workplace practices.

The deadline for the online submission of applications is 29 January 2017. Three winners will be announced – one for each category – and the prize ceremony will be held in Stockholm, Sweden in March 2017.