Ethical Corporation releases list of top 10 issues for sustainability in 2016

The Ethical Corporation’s aim is “to continually advance the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and business ethics agenda.” It wants businesses to do the ‘right thing’ by organising global events and publishing magazine and research reports. They have recently released its list of the top 10 issues for sustainability in 2016, compiled by its expert writers, and it makes for interesting reading.

No human rights related issues made the top 10 while Donald Trump’s election as the next United States President was seen as more important than the Brexit decision. The topics of climate change and renewable energy are covered in more than one of the issues while the eradication of food waste is also considered to be of huge importance. The recently agreed upon Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) close out the top 10. To read the full insights for each issue you must subscribe to the Ethical Corporation’s subscription services but below is the list in full.

1. Trump tsunami leaves CSR at sea

2. Points of light in fog over Brexit

3. Growing collaboration to beat climate change

4. Circular economy picks up speed

5. Energy storage taking centre stage

6. China’s leadership on green finance

7. The global crackdown on corporate governance

8. The food waste revolution

9. Big data’s impact on the supply chain

10. How the SDGs are transforming corporate reporting

Do you agree with the list? Should some issues be ranked higher than others? Which issue or issues do you feel are missing? Start a debate on the International Development Journal on this subject by leaving your comments below.