12 ways to find the latest worldwide development opportunities

Whether you’re an experienced professional or just starting off your academic studies or professional career getting your first offer and opportunity can be a very difficult thing to get. In this article, Ken Fullerton, an international sustainable development consultant has listed some of the websites and platforms that he regularly checks to identify and take advantage of the latest worldwide opportunities.

Alpha Gamma – http://www.alphagamma.eu/

An online business portal for Millennials, Alpha Gamma, helps business founders, young professionals and students “navigate through the business environment and highly competitive job market.” It offers practical content designed to support people looking for the latest innovations, upcoming networking events and/or relevant funding opportunities. Sign up to Alpha Gamma’s free email newsletter to get a weekly dose of upcoming internships, jobs, conferences and scholarships.

Coursera – https://www.coursera.org/

Ever wanted to learn about a new subject or skill but don’t want to complete a full degree? Then consider taking a free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on the Coursera platform which offers courses on all subject fields and areas from many of the world’s leading universities. Some you can take at your own pace while others follow a set weekly timetable. 

While Coursera is one of the most known free MOOC providers there are many others and they can easily be found on the MOOC List website or through a quick Google search.

DevNetJobs – http://www.devnetjobs.org/

DevNetJobs is an online network consisting of more than 600,000 job seekers and 20,000 recruiters. It promotes international development jobs and consulting opportunities – short and long term – in countries all over the world. Note, that to take full advantage of this site you’ll have to sign up and pay for a membership (prices start at USD48 for a three-month membership).

Devex – https://www.devex.com  

Devex promotes itself as the “media platform for the global development community.” As a social enterprise it connects and informs an audience of more than 800,000 development, humanitarian and sustainability professionals through news, business intelligence, funding and career opportunities. While some content and opportunities are free to access membership packages start at USD9.50 per month.

Global Careers Fair – https://www.globalcareersfair.com/

The Global Careers Fair is “the largest international public-sector focused online recruitment events and job board of its kind. It promotes and offers the latest positions in public sector organisations and enables organisations in the sector to post their latest employment vacanices.

International Development Journal – https://idijournal.com/

The International Development Journal is an online news platform providing the opportunity to publish articles and debates related to global current affairs issues and policy ideas. Contributions are welcome from a range of disciplines and from a variety of regions. Aspiring writers are invited to contact the IDJ editors.

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/

LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the internet with more than 467 million members in over 200 countries and territories. Use LinkedIn to identify relevant opportunities, update and promote your CV to recruiters worldwide and share relevant news and upcoming events.

Microfinance Gateway – https://www.microfinancegateway.org/

Promoted as “your global resource on financial inclusion” the Microfinance Gateway is maintained and updated by CGAP (the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor). In operation since the year 2000, the Gateway has welcomed more than one million visitors from over 200 countries who wish to enhance their knowledge or pursue a career in microfinance and financial inclusion.

MoveMeBack – https://www.movemeback.com/

MoveMeBack helps make “Africa’s most exciting and unique opportunities accessible and realisable to top talent, leaders, influencers and organisations.” Membership is free, but subject to a vetting process, and once on board talented professionals, students and high profile entrepreneurs will be connected with “high-potential, entrepreneurial, investment and partnership opportunities.”

NGO Pulse – http://www.ngopulse.org/

Launched in 2005, the NGO Pulse portal “provides a gateway to the South African NGO sector and a media platform for development news, commentary and debate.” It helps promote communication and networking by sharing many of the latest opportunities (jobs, scholarships and calls for proposals etc.) and by promoting work and projects being done in the sector. 

Opportunity Desk – http://opportunitydesk.org/?v=1

Opportunity Desk (OD) is “an online platform that bridges the gap to education by sharing information on relevant learning and growth opportunities.” Focused on the youth OD aims to help young people prepare themselves for the future by sharing many of the latest scholarships, conferences, awards, jobs, internships and grants targeted towards individuals and organisations worldwide.   

Opportunities for Africans – http://www.opportunitiesforafricans.com/

Opportunities for Africans (OFA) is an online portal that “seeks to connect Africans to the latest life changing opportunities” in an effort to help them achieve their potential. Like the OD portal, the OFA offers many of the same opportunities, but is primarily focused on African individuals and organisations. Volunteering opportunities are also promoted. 

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies can also help you get into your desired career path irrespective of your academic qualifications and professional experience. With there being far too many to list in this article, just Google search for recruitment agencies based on the city/country you wish to work in, your particular field/sector of interest and other search criteria important to you.

 Are you aware of any others? If yes, please notify us by posting the platform’s name and website address in the comments section below this article.