Why did Columbia reject the peace deal? Do referendums work?

Key issues:

  • Do referendums work? What is the purpose of a referendum?
  • Was the referendum rigged in Columbia? Or did the population reject the deal?
  • Was it influenced by those who were not affected by conflict?
  • Potential comparison to other referendums, e.g. Brexit, concerning media coverage and weak campaigns and how this influences a referendum outcome.
  • 50.24% of those who went to the polls said ‘No’ to the deal – with such a small margin, should the referendum result be implemented?

What is the economic impact of the US election?

Key issues:

  • We welcome papers that consider a broad range of implications or a specific economic impact, e.g. healthcare, foreign policy.
  • Select an angle, e.g. aid, trade, policy diffusion.
  • Role of IMF and World Bank if Donald Trump succeeds – if Trump wins, will they follow his guidance or become detached from US influence?
  • Will the US still hold power of international institutions? Will it remain an international superpower?
  • Feminist angle – three of the most powerful women are currently in leadership roles.

What is the future of Angola post-commodity boom? How will they sustain growth and development without FDI from China?

Key issues:

  • There has been little or no FDI from China to Angola since 2014.
  • Only the media is covering the debt issue Angola now faces in repaying loans – there are few publications or research.
  • How will Angola repay loans post-commodity boom?
  • Will they need to cooperate with IMF to find a method of financing?
  • How will the economy diversify while still depending on China as a source of exports?

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